My trips fall into 2 main categories:

1. Students:

  • Student overseas expeditions, consisting of an extended trek, up to a maximum of 6000m, lasting up to 18 days, community project and a cultural experience
  • Expeditions for young people with special needs, most commonly visual impairment. The visually-impaired student is partnered by a sighted guide. Treks last up to 6 days, reaching a maximum height of 3500m. A tactile element, involving animals i.e. elephants in Nepal, camels in Morocco, is generally included or the sounds and smells of Iceland.

2. Groups and Individuals

  • Adult overseas expeditions, consisting of an extended trek, up to a maximum of 6500m, lasting up to 21 days, a cultural experience and the opportunity to contribute financially to a community project.
  • UK based expeditions, which follow long distance trails.  These usually last up to 9 days and have the additional attraction of raising money for charity.

A training programme designed to help with team building, fitness and general preparation precedes all trips and expeditions.

My aim is to give everybody a lifetime experience and for the maximum number, within a group, to achieve the targets for their expedition.  I have twenty years’ experience of leading expeditions. Over 700 people, young and not so young, have travelled with me on 30 expeditions.

In the UK I have a number of long distance trails to my credit including Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, the alternative Coast to Coast (Lindisfarne – Ravenglass), The Lakeland Round, Holyhead – St David’s, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, John O’Groats – Lands End (as a relay), the Wye Valley Trail, the North Cotswold Diamond Way and most recently Hadrian’s Wall.

Every trip requires a basic level of fitness, which can be achieved through regular  hill-walking or gym  work.  Group training walks build friendships as well as  fitness.  So come on, get involved, and have some fun!

For more information please contact John Walton

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