The Two Moors Way – Mon. 3rd – Sat. 15th June 2019

Destination: The Two Moors Way or The Devon Coast to Coast

Duration: 13 Days – Mon. 3rd – Sat.15th June 2019 (10 days walking)

Group size: 12 max. FULL

Cost: £650

Starting from beautiful Wembury Bay on Devon’s south coast the route follows footpaths and bridleways through the rolling fields and copses of the area known as the South Hams.

After the gentle introduction, we reach Dartmoor, often described as England’s last wilderness. It is a plateau of ancient granite battered and sculpted by prevailing winds from the south west and significant annual rainfall. Rising above the dome peat beds are the famous tors, outcrops of rock exposed to the elements. Our route takes us up the more sheltered eastern flanks of Dartmoor and shows us the slightly gentler side of its character.

With Dartmoor receding to the south and Exmoor looming ahead of us we cross the gentler but less frequently visited mid Devon. This is a hilly area of scattered farms and hamlets, remote churches and a patchwork of fields and woodland. This is often considered to be the ‘real’ Devon, off the beaten track and untouched by tourism.

Finally, we reach Exmoor, a smaller and softer version of Dartmoor, but nevertheless a significant moorland plateau. Its softness comes from the fact that it is largely made up of sandstone and shales and is thus more easily eroded by water. Deep, steep sided combes have been formed by rivers running through these hills and it is one of these that leads us to the sea and a dramatic conclusion at Lynmouth.

We have specifically designed the walk, where we can, so that the daily distances are not too onerous. We have chosen two excellent camps to base ourselves at with all the facilities you need to make your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. A minibus will cover all of your transport needs, taking you to and from Devon, as well as taking you to the start point each day and meeting you at the end of each walk to take you comfortably back to camp. The itinerary also allows you to have a rest day while we move camp. On that day a visit to a place of interest will be arranged.

The Two Moors Way – Itinerary

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