Albania – The Accursed Mountains – 16th – 23rd Sept. 2017

Destination: Albania

Duration: 8 days 16th – 23rd Sept, 2017

Group size: 10+

Cost:  £550 + International airfare (c.£210)                                                                                               NB The price has been adjusted to take account of the falling Pound against the Euro

310px-Jezerski_Vrh_(2694)_sa_Karanfila_(2480)Northern Albania is a fascinating and little visited corner of Europe that was closed to the outside world for many years both by geography and politics. For many hundreds of years, life in the remote valleys was governed by ‘Kanun’ – ancient laws that ruled the fiercely independent tribes who inhabited the seemingly impenetrable mountains, this was followed by harsh years of communism and isolation from the outside world. The outcome of Albania’s isolation though, is an unspoilt landscape and communities living simple lives – farming in the valleys, ready to welcome visitors with open arms.

The Accursed Mountains are spectacular, unspoiled and virtually impenetrable, except for a series of high passes that link the few farmsteads of the exceptionally friendly Albanian Highlanders to the outside world. Their beauty stems from limestone gorges, thickly forested slopes, flower-strewn meadows and craggy peaks.

This tour is for adventurous travellers who enjoy encounters with nature and cultural experiences such as staying in the unique traditional houses of the native Albanian highlanders. The tour covers some of the most scenic parts of Albania and includes a ferry trip on the spectacular Lake Koman, a trek through the beautiful Valbona Valley and a visit to the Theth Valley. You will visit the ancient Fortress of Kruja, set high in the Albanian hills, and admire the spectacular view of one of the largest lakes in Europe from the ruins of the Rozafa Castle

This is a truly special European trekking adventure, ideal for those who wish to see a destination that is refreshingly different.

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