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Fulfil your dreams on a ‘journey of a lifetime’.

How do you fancy trekking in the Himalaya, climbing Kilimanjaro, exploring the islands of Indonesia, scaling the heights of the Andes, or experiencing one of the fabulous long distance trails the UK has to offer?

For 25 years I have been expertly organising trips across the world for groups and individuals alike, trekking in mountainous regions of the world, fundraising for charities, and supporting community projects.

Each trip is unique and tailor-made for you, so while you may be following in the footsteps of others, your trip will be sufficiently different for it to be special for all involved.  While expeditions are not necessarily charitably motivated, it is always good to give something back to the communities we encounter; not always monetary but sometimes just a matter of giving a little time and, perhaps, energy.

Over the years my journeys have opened my eyes, have changed my life and inspired me.  I hope you find the pages of this website will inspire you and give you the impetus to….