Indonesia 2013

Location: Indonesia

Duration: 23 days

Group Size: Approx. 25 students & 5 staff

July/August 2013

IndonesiaThis trip had so many diverse aspects to it and was a trip made up of dreams.  It started in Sumatra, to the north of the island, for a jungle trek which introduced us to orangutan at the start and the Sumatran elephant at the end, with a whole variety of wild life in between.  Camps were  hammocks set up in the jungle, where it was hot and steamy.  Leaving Sumatra at the end of the trek, we flew to Java to explore volcanoes, some active, some not, in the Mt Bromo area, a particularly fine example of volcanic landscape.  We then headed east and after a brief stop in Bali we flew to Flores and the capital Luana Bajo, where we picked up our boat to take us to first, Rinca Island for the Komodo Dragon, and then Komodo Island itself.  There we lived with the villagers while building two toilets for them.  When leaving Komodo Island we were able to call in at the Pink Beach to snorkle above the stunning coral reef with its vast array of multi-coloured fish.   We briefly returned to Bali before heading home with so many wonderful memories.

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