Jordan – Wadi Rum & Petra – Oct. 2021

Destination: Jordan

Duration: 10 days

Group size: 10+

Dates: Early October – Postponed until further notice

Cost: Approx. £1000 – £1200 depending on group size (Single Supplement £150)           Flights approx. £400

Jordan is a must visit country. It has outstanding desert scenery, dramatic in every sense, with towering, multi-coloured cliffs rising from flat, dry river beds. With Petra, it has a wealth of history, of ancient civilisations and influences. The Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, provides the opportunity to experience one of the strange phenomena of the world, floating effortlessly on water. The warmth of the Jordanian hospitality and the quality of their cuisine make it even better. Add to that the fact that while neighbouring countries continue to tear themselves apart, Jordan has remained peaceful, calm and welcoming to all who want to experience its treasures.

We start our itinerary in its capital, Amman. Here, we will see examples of Roman occupation and the amphitheatre that is still used today. Mixed with that are early Islamic ruins. As we soak up the atmosphere of this fascinating city, we can wander through markets and cafes where life has remained very much the same for centuries.

Leaving Amman, we embark upon six days of trekking in the most amazing of desert scenery. Throughout the trek we are guided and supported by the Bedouin who are at one with the environment. They will not only support us and look after us throughout the trek, but also become our friends as we sit around the camp fire together in the evenings. Although we are supplied with tents, we may want to take advantage of sleeping outside under a canopy of stars.

Each day will have its highlights with ascents of mountains along the route, including the highest peak in Jordan, Jebel Um Adaami (1854m), on the border with Saudi Arabia.

After four days of trekking we transfer briefly by vehicles to start the two-hour trek to Petra. Having arrived, we will spend two days exploring the ancient city, including climbing the highest peak in Petra, Jebel Haroun, which has been sacred since pre-historic times.

At the end of the trek, on our way back to Amman, we will visit the Dead Sea for a chance to float in its warm waters. This is an outstandingly beautiful place and we will be able to watch the sun set from its shores before spending the night in a hotel overlooking the water. It is a great place to end our Jordanian journey, before flying home the next day.

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