Iceland 2015

Destination – Iceland

Duration: 13 days – July 2015

Group size: Approx. 20 students + staff

Following the huge success of our 2013 trip to Iceland we chose to return in 2015 with another group of blind and visually impaired students and their sighted guides.

DSC_0522Iceland has so much to offer that brings senses other than sight into play. The sulphurous smell of the thermal pools, the sensation of touch as we wallow in hot springs and lather our bodies in therapeutic mud, the thunder of roaring waterfalls, the sense of excitement as we take to the rapids in rafts, the crunch of ice under our cramponed feet, and the feeling of clean, fresh air on our faces as we trek over lava fields in the mountains. Add to that the tireless support of our Icelandic team and the friendliness of all with whom we come into contact makes Iceland a natural destination.

DSC_0261In the months leading up to departure we undertook a comprehensive training programme, introducing the group to a variety of experiences which enabled them to get to know each other well; for the guides to understand the individual needs of the blind and visually impaired and for those being guided to feel trust and confidence in their guides. Training saw them camping in the Black Mountains, hostelling in Wales, facing challenging walks over hostile terrain, walking locally and taking part in social events like bowling or simply going out for a meal as a group.


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