Last day in Kathmandu

Today I achieved success. Tshewang emailed me with a phone number for the principal of Tashi Waldorf. One if the problems, I guess, with making contact has been that the school, like Saptagandaki, is presently closed for a holiday and decorators are in residence there.

Finally getting hold of Eva we agreed to meet at Ying Yang at 11.00. At last I was able to hand over 300,000 Rupees. Job done! We chatted over drinks and I explained that KSWNT will cease to exist once we have finalised the accounts. It is up to them to try to find a new organisation to look after funding from the UK. I also pointed out that their website is seriously out of date and that had led to some of the difficulty in making contact. Eva agreed and promised to put things right as soon as possible. I may well pay them a visit one day.

Reading between the lines I think they have had a difficult time with moving properties, with a subsequent loss of some students, and a change of personnel at the top. At the end of our meeting I felt satisfied that I had achieved pretty much everything I wanted to achieve before I see the group again.

I have also come to the decision that I am going to surprise them. Tomorrow night they are staying in Monjo. Tomorrow I will walk up to Monjo and join them in the lodge. I am really looking forward to that and to the several hours of walking on my own, with my own thoughts, at my own pace. More than anything, I am looking forward to hearing their tales and seeing Stephen.

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