With only a day to enjoy the sights of Istanbul we wanted to make the most of the time we had. The hotel was very conveniently placed so that nothing was very far away. Our first port of call was the Hippodrome, a large area of learning and religion. To one side is a large church converted to a mosque, but now a museum, on the other the Blue Mosque. Dodging from one shady spot to another, Omer, our guide, filled us in on some of the history of Istanbul before we entered into the relative cool of the Blue Mosque, a huge domed prayer house. From there we slowly meandered down to the water front where we bought bread and fish before boarding a boat to take us around the Bosporus. The cool breeze generated by the movement of the boat was most welcome. As we turned to return we had dolphins leaping out of the water alongside out boat.
At 5.00pm we went to explore the spice market, a lively, friendly place with banter and not too much pressure to buy. Having explored I went back to the stalls I had enjoyed most and bought a variety of teas from one stall and spices with a spice grinder from another.
In the evening we went down to the water front for a superb meal as the sun set over the Bosporus.



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