Taurus Mountains (4)

The next day, while Ellie and I escorted the sick student to Kayseri Airport for a flight to Istanbul and an onward connection to Birmingham, the rest of the group trekked through the spectacular Cimbar Canyon, affording fantastic views of the north face of Mt. Demirkazit.
Ellie and I, on our return, we’re to meet the group in a mountain but in the village of Demirkazit, where we were to have lunch. As we arrived a good ninety minutes before the group we caught up on lost sleep, having started at 5.00am.
After lunch we walked down to the centre of the village where there is a small public garden for village use. There we were to meet with the mayor who wanted to thank us for making a donation to the school. It was all a bit laboured as all conversation had to go through Omer. We were given tea and then tubs of ice cream, not something I would normally eat but it would have been rude not to. Mine was particularly large. I was also presented with a rug made by the village.
Ironically, later that night, I suffered from a bout of the shits, as did a few others in the group. The irony being that we gave funds to renovate the toilets and in return thy gave us the shits!

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