Morocco 2011 – Fun in the sea

Another glorious wake up call, with the sound of the sea breaking on the shoreline complimented by the much closer sound of camels chewing the cud amongst the tents.
Camp was quickly packed away after breakfast and the camels organised. The group really appreciated the opportunity to ride the camels. We headed inland, taking tracks through the Argon Forest. After an hour the riders changed. Those who weren’t riding walked alongside. After three hours we stopped for lunch in the shade of some argon trees and then continued for a further hour and a half. I had a go for the last 45 minutes, which saw us descend to a beach and our campsite on the sand, under the cliffs. It is absolutely stunning. The sea was particularly impressive with the waves having twelve foot faces on them.

Running towards the sea as the sun setsMany of the students went into the sea but not before we had clearly given them the rules. They could not go above waist deep, which would mean they were well short of the breaking waves but would still have to cope with the extensive wash and the second, smaller wave. There was a very strong back wash which made it doubly important for them to abide by the rules and look after each other. Despite the rules and the fact that the water was quite chilly, they had a good time. Phil, Russ and I policed them from within the water while Angela and Tracey watched from the water’s edge.

After sunset we had a camp fire and a sing-song with the camel crew who had a banjo and an empty water container for drums.
A fabulous day.

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