Ann’s Dales Way Poem

Ann not enjoying a ‘hands free’ experience on a suspension bridge with Dodja.

Ann not enjoying a 'hands free' experience on a suspension bridge with Dodja.

Ann not enjoying a ‘hands free’ experience on a suspension bridge with Dodja.

Over the years Ann has become Adventure Guide’s poet laureate. We have become accustomed to a last night rendition of her latest poetic offering , not only displaying exceptional talent but also humourous observation.

                 The Dales Way

There’s a famous explorer called Walton


Who….. looking for further amusement

Decided to walk the Dales Way.


He got all his clients around him

And said “Eee, I’ve got an idea

I’m off to put wind up them Yorkshire folk

And need someone to bring up the rear.”


So 14 old codgers and Dodja

Looking for fresh air and fun

Set off in a bus up to Yorkshire

Wondering “what the hell have I done?”


The campsite itself was quite lovely

And soon pulses started to race

But Yorkshire put wind up the clients

Blowing tents all over the place.


The gale showed no sign of abating

And our tents were beginning to shake

But the Staff weighed them down quite firmly

As luckily…. Ann had brought cake!


Eventually the sun decided to shine

And the walk finally got underway

80 miles in total they said

If you believed what our leader did say.


The Staff looked after the Clients

The Clients made fun of the staff

But we got on so well together

We did nowt but walk and laugh.


The food it was tasty and filling

with fry-ups, packed lunches and occasional chips

But some survived on lattes and seeds

And liquorice to give them the sh*ts.


The Clients got on well together

But if anyone made a faux-pas

A cloth cap was produced for the culprit

Tho’ Steve reckoned the joke went too far.


We had bridges and stiles, going on for miles

Dead birds, trapped lambs and wild flowers.

It was too cold to sleep and too hot to walk

And my sister moaned on for hours.


So sadly we’ve had our final day

It’s our very last night in the camp

The Yorkshire dream is finally over

And now, back home we must tramp.


I hope the Dales enjoyed having us

With our loud voices, laughter and flat caps

Tho’ the local papers headline tonight is….