Morocco 2011

Location: Morocco

Duration: 11 days

Group size: 15 students & 7 staff

This was a joint King’s/NCW expedition under the banner of ‘Share the Vision’. Leaving Marrakech, we drove over the High Atlas  Mountains to the lower, but none the less beautiful, Anti Atlas to complete a four day trek.  The King’s students acted as guides for the NCW students.  The first day’s walking was quite easy as we followed a dry river bed.  However, day two saw us climbing 1000m up a sometimes steep, narrow, rocky path, making sure that everybody worked hard to reach camp just before darkness fell.  On the third day we reached our high point, Guiliz (2905m), giving the group a sense of achievement and for those who could see far reaching views in every direction.  The last day of trekking was all about descent, finishing up in a village where vehicles were ready to take us on to the next stage of the trip on the coast.  Here we joined our camel team and trekked north along the coast and through the Argon Forest to the south of Essouira.  Riding camels, particularly along pristine beeches with waves breaking on the shoreline, was a memorable experience for the whole group.  In Essouira a spell of retail therapy in the souk provided a fitting end to a superb trip.