Nepal, Taplejung – 6th – 27th April 2020

Destination: Nepal

Duration: 22 days

Group size: 4+

Dates: 6th – 27th April 2020

Cost: Approx. £1000 + international airfareIt is important that the Himalayan Trust UK keeps a close eye on all of its projects, particularly when a donor has specifically funded a project. If this coincides with the opportunity to take a donor out to see the impact their generosity has had, it is even better. HTUK has been lucky enough to receive some important legacies recently, and this trip gives us just the opportunity we need to share just how important they are to these remote mountain communities.

Starting in Kathmandu, we travel east to Taplejung District where we carry out our programme in the most remote and inaccessible fringes of the area. We are deep in the Himalayas here, overshadowed by the world’s third highest mountain, Kangchenjunga.

The focus of this trip is largely on the schools. We will visit a number on our travels, some which have had significant input for HTUK in recent months, while others are just beginning to receive support from HTUK and REED Nepal.

Firstly, we will travel to Yamphudin to visit the new health post built by HTUK with support from the Laing Family Trusts, The Blueberry Hill Trust and the Laos Foundation. We will be able to see it in action and witness the positive effect it has had on the remote community of Yamphudin. This will be followed with celebrating Nepali New Year with the Yamphudin community, which will guarantee us having a wonderful time.

Then we venture into a new area where we have just taken on the responsibility for the development of three schools, again the result of generous donors. Here, in Mamankhe, we have so far worked on improving the buildings. It is early days as far as teacher training is concerned and this will give us the opportunity to show the contrast between those schools with whom we have worked for a number of years and those just brought into the family.

Having a brief rest in Taplejung, we head up to an area where we have been working for 10 years. Much progress has been made in those year but there is still a great deal more to do. We first visit Tapethok Basic School, which had a very poorly built, dark and dismal, two-classroom block. As the result of a very generous donor, we have been able to transform this building into a light and airy teaching space, improving the quality of education provided and inspiring both children and teachers alike. Our visit will coincide with an official opening ceremony.

Next we visit the school at Lelep, the only school in our project area that has a girls’ hostel. Here, we have improved the facilities for the girls and also increased the out-of-school supervision for them so that they feel safe and secure at night.

HTUK is not just about buildings and training teachers. If you do that you also need to improve the resources of schools. Because of their remoteness and the difficulty of getting materials to these schools, sometimes they lack essentials. Again, because of the generosity of a supporter, we have been able to equip two schools with resource libraries, where children can access story books and reference materials, important in an area where computers with Google search are rare.

If you would like to be a part of this trip, to see for yourself the wonderful work of HTUK, and to see just how far your money can go and the differences it can make, get in touch.

Nepal – Taplejung District Itinerary pdf

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Adventure Guide – Nepal Information Dossier



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